Drawer Cabinets & Workbenches

A huge range of drawer systems, cabinets and workbenches. No matter your requirements, SEPMAR will have a solution that suits.

Look no further than our Tool Cabinets and Parts Storage Drawers for workplace managers seeking solutions to maintain order and enhance workshop and laboratory efficiency. Our Drawers are meticulously designed toolboxes that effectively reduce storage space while retaining the shelf-like load-bearing capacity, thanks to the incorporation of precision bearings and high yield-strength steels.

Experience the modularity of our BAC Workshop benches. Choose from our extensive selection of timber and steel-based benchtop options, allowing you to customise your workspace. Accompanying these options are our versatile Storage Modules, designed to efficiently store tools and parts beneath the benchtop. Additionally, our workbenches can be enhanced with optional shelving, power outlets, lighting fixtures, and sinks, enabling you to easily construct a comprehensive modular workbench tailored to your specific needs.

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