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Safety Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Thank you for visiting SEPMAR, a WA specialist in the storage and transportation of dangerous goods.

Our name stands for ‘Safety Equipment, Preventative Maintenance and Repair’, and we’re fully equipped to provide Dangerous Goods Cabinets along with expertise regarding the handling and storage of potentially hazardous materials. SEPMAR is a Western Australian owned and operated company.

SEPMAR was established in 1995 in Perth and have gone on to become a regional leader in the manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance and repair of Dangerous Goods Cabinets and other high-quality products.

In our more than two decades of operation, we’ve built a strong network of relationships with many Australian companies and a reputation that speaks for itself.



Chemical Sites

Safe storage systems are important, to be compliant with Standard AS1940-2017 and for an efficiently run site.


Make sure your storage is as efficient as possible by including the best designed storage systems.

High Schools

We've been working with High Schools for more than two decades with storage systems.


Labs will have a range of chemicals and items that need safe storage. SEPMAR will have the system that keeps you compliant with Australian Standards.


Is your mine site compliant with safety standards? SEPMAR has a range of products and services that can keep you up to date.


Keep your hospitality venue running smoothly with a well-thought-out storage system.

SEPMAR patented Dangerous Goods Cabinets

Our dangerous goods safety storage cabinets lead the industry with quality and design at a competitive price. Other safety cabinets use complicated mechanisms with multiple moving parts prone to wear and malfunction over time, creating safety issues and requiring additional maintenance. Designed from our experience servicing competitors cabinets, our safety storage cabinets address this issue by featuring a unique robust closing mechanism with only one moving part, increasing reliability and reducing service costs. Our closing mechanism allows our doors to open wider, allowing shelves to slide in and out easily.


why we are the best

30 years of experience
SEPMAR has been working with Australian businesses for 30 years, ensuring they keep compliant with Safety Standards and run as efficiently as possible.
Best industry experts
Industrial storage solutions is what SEPMAR are known for. From mine sites to high schools, SEPMAR have the products and services to help keep businesses compliant.
Fast & effective sollutions
SEPMAR will work with you to find the perfect solution to your requirements.
Flexible pricing
Everyone has a budget and SEPMAR understands that. the team will work with you to make sure our pricing is as sharp as it needs to be. Flexible invoice terms can also be requested.

Our specialisation

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