Safety Storage Cabinets

Designed from our experience servicing competitors cabinets, our safety storage cabinets address this issue by featuring a unique robust closing mechanism with only one moving part, increasing reliability and reducing service costs. Our closing mechanism allows our doors to open wider, allowing shelves to slide in and out easily.

At SEPMAR, we pride ourselves on being a premiere supplier of safety equipment. In addition to our wide range of safety products, we offer scheduled service, maintenance and repair of specialised safety equipment. With over 30 years servicing the safety industry, SEPMAR has leveraged our experience to design and create safety equipment with superior performance and reliability at a great value.

The SEPMAR closing system has only one moving part independent to the doors which are free to move 180 degrees to the outside panels without restriction to the sequential closing system, also allowing the shelves to easily slide out.

This simple, single action closing system has one moving part – no restrictive faulting. Included for the 30-litre and 100-litre sizes are four corner underside levelling bolts for perfect fit under benches, the larger 160-litre and 250-litre sizes have 2 metal skids.

100 Lt Cabinet Code SCC100
Corrosive Storage Cabinet

100 Lt Cabinet Code S100
Flammable Equipment Storage

160 Lt Cabinet Code SCC160
Corrosive Storage Cabinet

160 Lt Cabinet Code S160
Flammable Equipment Storage

250 Lt Cabinet Code SCC250
Corrosive Storage Cabinet

250 Lt Cabinet Code S250
Flammable Equipment Storage

30 Lt Cabinet Code SCC30
Corrosive Storage Cabinet

30 Lt Cabinet Code S30
Flammable Equipment Storage

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